Senior Class of 2020

Justin Han


Frankie Tonina


Jake Tracey

Pitcher/First Base

Andrew Simone


Danny Kahn



Player Power Rankings

March 9, 2020 - These rankings are used as motivators, not discriminators. The coaching staff have defined an objective way of creating accountability and competition within our program. The metrics that are used to make this calculation are the following: Measurables, X Factors, Consistency, & Controllables. If there are any questions, please feel free to reach out directly to Coach Belden

1 Tracey, Jake
2 Tonina, Frank
3 Kannapell, Roberto
4 Simone, Andrew
5 Leland, Jacob
6 Crossland, Michael
7 Han, Justin
8 Kahn, Danny
9 Link, Nate
10 Stapleton, Joey
11 Jordan, Joshua
12 Stuart, Cade
13 Hellman, Jacob
14 Deem, Owen
15 Baker, George
16 Custer, Will
17 Watts, Drew
18 Robinson, Carter
19 Bartot, Max
20 Dowden, Garrett
21 Macias, Connor
22 Crow, Ryan
23 Wong, Joshua
24 Vanderberg, Colin
25 Frasier, Wyatt
26 Ryan, Max
27 Wu, Zach
28 Weber, Charlie
29 Gouk, Tanner
30 Padgett, Mark
31 Collett, Levi
32 Rockwell, Nick
33 Barss, Adam
34 Wilson, Jack
35 Cantrell, Timmy
36 Bushore, Rylan
37 Hunter, Aiden
38 Davis, Joe
39 Eggleston, Ian
40 Genoway, Ethan
41 Hoing, Will
42 Baek, Ethan
43 Ohrazda, Nathan
44 Brown, Andrew


Varsity Roster

March 9, 2020

Kannapell, Roberto

Simone, Andrew

Crossland, Michael

Tonina, Frank

Leland, Jacob

Kahn, Danny

Link, Nate

Tracey, Jake

Deem, Owen

Han, Justin

Jordan, Joshua

Stuart, Cade

Robinson, Carter

Baker, George

Stapleton, Joey

Varsity Swing Players

Padgett, Mark 

Hellman, Jacob

Watts, Drew

Custer, Will

Bartot, Max


JV Roster

March 9, 2020

Custer, Will

Hellman, Jacob

Padgett, Mark

Macias, Connor

Frasier, Wyatt

Crow, Ryan

Weber, Charlie

Watts, Drew

Wong, Joshua

Bartot, Max

Bushore, Rylan

Cantrell, Timmy

Collett, Levi

 Vanderberg, Colin

 Hunter, Aiden

 Davis, Joe

Genoway, Ethan

Rockwell, Nick

Hoing, Will


C Roster

March 9, 2020

Dowden, Garrett

Gouk, Tanner

Ryan, Max

Wu, Zach

Barss, Adam

Wilson, Jack

Eggleston, Ian

Baek, Ethan

Ohrazda, Nathan

Brown, Andrew

C SWING Players

Bushore, Rylan

Genoway, Ethan

Rockwell, Nick

Hoing, Will

Davis, Joe


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